Crisis Coaching

Crisis coaching is specific support for decision-makers and their teams in difficult times and moments of uncertainty, when all employees and the whole organization turn to you to ask what to do.

These moments are crucial and require leaders to take and assume choices without knowing all the parameters of the situation. These moments push you to your limits and to your limits. It is the very role of a leader, which does not mean that it is simple or easy, nor that he is condemned to the loneliness of the leader.

Coach-Nego accompanies you, supports you and advises you in these key moments.

  • Difficult decisions: when the choice to make weighs on your shoulders and seems impossible to you, Coach-Nego helps you to get your head out of the water, to step back and ensure your decision.
  • Burnout: when you have exceeded your limits and you have given more than you could, Coach-Nego supports you to get back on track and rebuild stable, reliable foundations in line with your values.
  • Conflict and relationship breakdown: when the link is broken with people important to you, Coach-Nego supports you to establish a dialogue and (re)-create a constructive and caring relationship with respect for everyone.
  • Loss and failure: how to rebound after a failure or an irremediable loss? Coach-Nego helps you in your grief and in exploring the field of possibilities to build a future and a future.

The crisis arises from the mismatch between the situation and our wants and needs. You can decide to suffer and resign yourself or to act and change your desires or the world, whatever it is, you have to make a choice. It is in this sense that the crisis is an opportunity.

What choice do you want to make? Coach-Nego helps you, accompanies you and advises you.