Benjamin SYLVAND

Benjamin SYLVANDBenjamin SYLVAND is a specialist in the human factor in complex situations. He accompanies individuals, decision-makers, teams and organizations who encounter and live through difficult contexts of crisis and conflict.

He holds a doctorate in philosophy, and his thesis focuses on cognitive adaptation to the world and interactions with others. With a DESS in communication, he is certified in complex negotiation and conflict mediation (CAP'M), he is accredited as a professional coach (ICF, PCC).

He directed digital pedagogy projects at Sciences Po Paris, notably by launching Moocs, then training at Castorama France, Kingfisher. He then collaborated with several agencies and firms as a crisis management consultant and conflict negotiator.

His expertise proves to be relevant to intervene on conflicts, in particular to accompany people in charge of crisis management or conflict resolution.  He teaches crisis management and conflict resolution in various schools and universities as well as in companies.

His approach is centered on the person and the optimization of human potential, especially in complex contexts and situations. He founded Coach-Nego in 2017 and develops coaching and support adapted to complex crisis and conflict situations.

He intervenes in France and internationally, in French and English, face-to-face or remotely.